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About us


PRIMEMED is a privately owned South African company which specialises in First Aid Kits, Medical Consumables, Surgical Instruments, Diagnostic Kits and Infection Prevention Products. Primemed also provides ultraviolet equipment for surface, air and water sanitation, Infrared Heaters and Ozone products owned by passionate Wendy Spiteri


• Our vision is to create and distribute products of high quality and provide high standard services to satisfy our customers.


• To deliver a wide range of world class medical products and services that are cost-effective in order to enhance the health and well-being of all mankind.


Our core values are honesty, integrity and mutual trust. We strive to develop and maintain strong relations with our clients in order to satisfy their requirements.

We recognise that customer requirements are unique, so we offer tailored service to match their needs.


• Bandages and Dressings
• Blades
• Blood Pressure Monitoring
• Circumcision Kits
• Condoms
• First Aid Kits
• Gloves
• Medical Consumables
• Plasters
• Respirators
• Stethoscopes
• Surgical Instruments
• Sutures
• Syringes and Needles
• Theatre Wear and Disposable Hygiene

• Ozone Generators (air and water)
• Ultraviolet Air Sanitizers
• Ultraviolet Water Purifiers
• Customised Ultraviolet and Ozone Equipment
• Infrared Heaters


• Indoor air quality assessment (Offices, factories and public buildings)
• Indoor air quality assessment (Hospitals and Clinics)
• Indoor air quality assessment for control of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
• Ozone Fumigation
• Peroxide Fumigation
• Ultraviolet Sterilization (UVC)
• Repair and Maintenance of all types of Ultraviolet Equipment (UVA, UVB, UVC)

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